Using Direct Mail In An E-Mail-Saturated Market

Feb 28, 2020


In today's digital age, where our inboxes are flooded with endless e-mails vying for our attention, Genevish Graphics has come up with an innovative approach to stand out and capture the attention of our target audience. Utilizing direct mail in an e-mail-saturated market has proven to be an effective strategy for our Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design business.

Why Direct Mail?

Direct mail offers a tangible and personal touch that is often lacking in digital communication. In an era where e-mails can easily be deleted or go unnoticed, a well-crafted physical mail piece has the power to create an immediate impact. This traditional marketing method not only sets us apart from the competition but also helps us establish a lasting impression with potential clients and customers.

Benefits of Direct Mail in the Arts & Entertainment Industry

1. **Enhanced Visual Experience:** As an Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design company, we understand the importance of aesthetics. Direct mail allows us to showcase our creative work through visually appealing brochures, postcards, or catalogs. By leveraging our expertise in graphic design, we create custom-made mail pieces that impress our audience and leave a lasting impression.

2. **Targeted Approach:** With direct mail, we have the ability to create highly targeted campaigns. By analyzing our customer database, we can segment our audience based on various criteria such as location, interests, and purchasing behavior. This enables us to deliver personalized mailings that speak directly to the needs and preferences of each recipient.

3. **Increased Brand Awareness:** Direct mail allows us to reinforce our brand identity. By consistently delivering high-quality mail pieces, we establish ourselves as a trusted and respected brand in the Arts & Entertainment industry. Our unique designs, attention to detail, and memorable content ensure that our target audience recognizes and remembers Genevish Graphics.

Types of Direct Mail Campaigns

We offer a variety of direct mail campaigns tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

  • 1. Postcards: Our postcard campaigns are concise, visually striking, and aim to grab the recipient's attention immediately. We carefully select captivating visuals and combine them with compelling copy to create a memorable experience.
  • 2. Brochures: Our brochures provide in-depth information about our services, highlighting our expertise in Visual Arts and Design. We use high-quality images and detailed descriptions to convey the value we bring to our clients.
  • 3. Catalogs: Our catalogs serve as comprehensive portfolios, showcasing our extensive range of visual arts and design work. By presenting our projects and services in a visually engaging manner, we inspire our audience to explore our offerings further.

Measuring Success and ROI

We understand the importance of tracking the success and return on investment (ROI) of our direct mail campaigns. By using unique tracking codes, personalized URLs, or dedicated phone numbers, we can accurately measure the response rate and conversion rate of each campaign. This data allows us to refine our strategies, optimize our results, and ensure that our marketing efforts are aligned with our business goals.


Genevish Graphics has successfully leveraged direct mail in an e-mail-saturated market to differentiate ourselves and create a stronger connection with our target audience in the Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design industry. By incorporating direct mail into our marketing mix, we have seen positive results in terms of brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth. Contact us today to experience the power of direct mail for yourself!

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