How To Make Columns Clickable In Elementor

Feb 7, 2018
Elementor Tutorial


Welcome to Genevish Graphics, your go-to resource for expert advice on Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will guide you through the process of making columns clickable in Elementor, a popular website builder for WordPress. By making your columns clickable, you can enhance user experience, increase interaction, and improve engagement on your website.

Why Make Columns Clickable?

Clickable columns are a valuable feature to have on your website. They allow you to create interactive elements that can direct users to specific pages or sections of your site. By adding clickable functionality to your columns, you can make it easier for visitors to explore your site and navigate to relevant content. This can significantly improve user experience and encourage users to spend more time on your website.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Accessing Elementor

To get started, make sure you have Elementor installed on your WordPress site. If you haven't installed it yet, simply go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to "Plugins," click on "Add New," search for Elementor, and install the plugin. Once installed, activate it and you're ready to begin.

Step 2: Adding a Section

Now, open the page you want to edit with Elementor. Click on the "Edit with Elementor" button to launch the Elementor editor. Once you're in the editor, you'll see the available elements on the left-hand panel. Locate the "Section" element and drag it onto the canvas.

Step 3: Adding Columns

Within the section, you can add columns to create the desired layout. To add columns, click on the "Add New Column" button or drag the "Column" element onto the section. You can adjust the column width and arrangement according to your needs.

Step 4: Customizing the Columns

Once you have added the columns, you can customize them to your liking. Elementor offers various customization options such as changing the background color, adding images, adjusting padding and margins, and more. Take the time to make the columns visually appealing and consistent with your website's design.

Step 5: Enabling the Clickable Functionality

Now comes the important part - making the columns clickable. Select the column you want to make clickable by clicking on it. In the left-hand panel, under the "Content" tab, you'll find the "Link" section. Click on the dropdown menu and choose the type of link you want to add. You can link to an internal page, an external URL, a specific section on the same page, or even an email address.

Step 6: Testing and Previewing

After setting up the clickable functionality, it's crucial to test and preview your changes. Click on the "Preview" button in the editor to see how your clickable columns work. Ensure that the links are functioning correctly and directing users to the intended destinations. Make any necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the results.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to make columns clickable in Elementor. By implementing this feature, you can create a more interactive and engaging website for your visitors. Encourage exploration and seamless navigation by making your columns clickable. Remember to customize the appearance and ensure the links are working correctly. Enjoy enhancing your website's user experience, thanks to Genevish Graphics and Elementor!

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